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How to make coffee and benefits of coffee

I am sharing how to make coffee and the benefits of coffee because many people don’t know how to make coffee, they think coffee can not be made without a coffee maker and coffee maker machine. It is totally wrong to think. You can also make better coffee than the restaurant at home.

How to make coffee and What you need to make delicious classic coffee

  1. Coffee-Mate
  2. Cold milk made of cow’s fat
  3. Milk Powder
  4. Good quality Coffee Powder

l Coffee-Mate is a non-dairy cream meaning here milk is no national cream. It is cholesterol-free, good for health, but Bengali.
Not enough to give peace to the tongue. It will not taste like the original cream. Caffeine is used to make heavy and delicious. If you use 2 tablespoons of every mug and 1 cup of the cup, the coffee adhesive is heavy and delicious. Just do not mix the coffee flavor with the coffee flavor. 1 / half cup of milk powder mixed test multiplied! For the selection of milk powder, choose the best brands of cream of cream powder. So always try to lessen the time when giving coffee lickers. If you want foam, then press the coffee in two bottles of mugs, which will be inserted into the bottle. Never eat hot coffee, because the taste is not good. Light cold (near 70 centrifugal) coffee stuff likes the best. First, the cow’s gooseberry milk will take 1/4 of the mug. Mix the remaining 1/3 of the water. Then add 1 teaspoon coffee and a half cup of milk powder until the blouse becomes bloated. It takes 3/4 minutes to have a microwave. Then press the mugs, just add half a teaspoon of coffee powder. Mixing more powder is hard, not delicious. The hard cocktail is not exactly satisfied.

Benefits of coffee when we drink it

I discuss here 10 benefits of drink coffee

  1. Coffee is quite effective in reducing headaches. Excessive headaches and migraine drugs contain little amounts of caffeine.
  2. Coffee is a very effective antioxidant.
  3. A regular moderate amount of coffee in diabetic control regulates heart disease, is controlled by diabetic control.
  4. Protects skin from skin cancer Regular coffee consumption decreases the risk of cancer in skin cancer and other parts of the body.
  5. Coffee tension reduces Those who do not sleep well due to tiredness, they can dry the coffee flavors for a while before bedtime. Coffee bean will reduce your tension.
  6. Coffee helps reduce hairstyles. One day a week, coffee bins or coffee dust will reduce the hair fall in the hair by burning it in the water. It will be bright silky.
  7. Coffee Dust works like a scuba in Roopcharna. Coffee packs remove hair burns and anticinclines in the face.
  8. Coffee helps to understand the perfect scent of perfumes. The general rule is that if the smell of more than three different perfumes is obtained, then the correct scent is not available anymore. So take the coffee or Coffey fragrance once you take the perfume scent every time to get the right aroma. Then you will find what you want in the case of fragrance.
  9. Coffee does not allow Alzheimer’s to be. As age progresses, this disease occurs. Alzheimer’s fever decreases if you drink regular coffee.
  10. Caulin surgery can be quickly cured by the coffee. It is very important to keep the stomach clean while having colon surgery. If you drink coffee every day your stomach will be clean and you will soon recover.

So, drink regular coffee and take benefits of coffee without fear and coffee benefits for skin and tell about the benefits of coffee among your loved ones who are suffering from these problems. Stay good, stay healthy.

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