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How to Make Really Good Coffee at Home

Coffee equipment, the latest coffee maker machine, coffee brewing guides, they’re all good. But useless unless you know how to make a really good cup of coffee at home. In fact, even though the preparation of the coffee might seem easy, it’s actually a bit tricky. Keep reading to become a real coffee expert and impress your guests with your irresistible delicious coffee.

First of all, the size of the grind plays an essential role in the preparation of the coffee. It is important to properly adjust your machine to grind your grain properly. Each preparation has its own ideal grind & it has an effect on the aroma and texture of the coffee.

The grind should be fine and smooth if the extraction time is short in order to allow the quick release of the flavors. On the other hand, when the infusion is longer, it is advisable to have a coarser grind, this is the case of French Press machines, for which we advise you to use a size 9 grind. For traditional espresso machines, the time of exposure to water is short, grind size of 2 or 3 is enough. If you have a model with a conical or paper filter, sizes 6 or 7 are recommended. For fans of Italian coffee makers, you need a medium size, between 5 and 7.

Then it’s about choosing the proportion of water and coffee. Each preparation has its own dosage, it is up to you to choose according to your taste. The amount of coffee is a fundamental factor in making your coffee as it will define the intensity of your drink, so be really careful with this part.

People have different tastes in coffee. But nobody can deny that French press coffee is one of the best out there. It is actually pretty easy to buy this type of coffee maker since they’re available almost everywhere and they’re not very expensive. It comes in several different sizes, choose the one you prefer and you can start making the best coffee cup you’ve ever made! For that, you’ll need your coffee maker, a spoon, and a kettle. It’s not that intricate when you think about it!

Start by pouring about 10g of ground coffee into your coffee maker. As mentioned above, the grind should be coarse for this type of machine so that the grind does not cross the grid of the piston. Now pour the water that you have previously heated. The ideal temperature is about 85 degrees Celsius (or 185 Fahrenheit), the water should not be boiling. Let infuse for about 5 minutes then slowly and gently lower the piston. Your coffee is now ready, it wasn’t that hard after all was it?

You can now enjoy the wonderful coffee effects and the benefits of caffeine while sharing a cup with your family & friends to show them how good of a French press barista you are. You can brag, don’t be shy, you’ve earned it!

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